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From Burnout
To Best Life

Coming in September!

You don’t have to tolerate a toxic work environment or settle for a mediocre existence.  In this book, Lisa Hammett shows you it is possible to move beyond burnout to a fulfilling, purpose driven life.  She gives you the blueprint to create positive change and inspires you to take action and create your fantastic best life. 

About the Author

Lisa Hammett was a stressed and completely burned out 26 year retail manager. Then in 2005 she took a leap of faith to follow her passion, reclaim her health, and drop 65 pounds. Her passion is guiding people to achieve their personal and professional goals. She believes that “Everything is possible if your head is in the game.” In the past 10 years Lisa has coached thousands of people to develop sustainable healthy habits that create the life they desire in their career, relationships, and overall wellness. This book is her guide to your best life. Get ready for an exciting and insightful journey.

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“This powerful, thought-provoking book offers a treasure trove of ideas and concepts that will help you improve your mental, physical, and emotional status. Lisa has captured her years of coaching experience and put it into one place to give you the tools to living your best life.”

Joy Booth
Project Manager and Entrepreneur

“This is a handy reference guide to steer busy individuals onto the right track before their carts move completely off course. Lisa Hammett’s writing is accessible, her tips are practical, and her examples will resonate and create trust with readers. I am confident that her words will inspire and motivate sustainable changes in your life.”

“This wonderful book is filled with invaluable tips, techniques and guidelines for anyone who wants to prevent burnout and remain productive, healthy and happy. The thought provoking exercises will support you on your journey in life and career.”

Jodie L Wallace
Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
3D Perspectives llc.

Rich Cavaness
Author of Power to Thrive and
The Gratitude Effect