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You don’t have to tolerate a toxic work environment or settle for a mediocre existence.  In this book, Lisa Hammett shows you it is possible to move beyond burnout to a fulfilling, purpose driven life.  She gives you the blueprint to create positive change and inspires you to take action and create your fantastic best life. 

Lisa Hammett's Mission

Author | TEDx Speaker | Success Coach | Mental Fitness | Wellness | Goal Achievement

Helping stressed and burned out executives and business owners create balance in their lives, manage stress, and align their career with their values, passions, and strengths so they can lead their happiest, healthiest, and most successful life.

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From Burnout To Best Life

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Lisa is more than a weight loss counselor! She has helped me live my life by not just focusing on what the scale says. I have learned to be more empowered and to make better choices in my diet/lifestyle due to my weekly goals we set. If I have issues with anything, we talk about it, and Lisa will challenge me to make my goals realistic and achievable.


I could choose to do a specific diet to “jump-start” my journey, but to be honest, I am achieving my goals and am able to sustain my journey in life, living healthier and more confident.  Sometimes we say, "I can do it on my own" or "I can’t afford it!”  To be honest, being depressed and overweight is not affordable either! Call Lisa today.  It will be life changing!

Trish Littlejohn, Project Manager

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Author | TEDx Speaker | Success Coach | Mental Fitness | Wellness | Goal Achievement


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